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"And he to whom" wisdom ( hikmah ) is granted receiveth indeed benefit overflowing."S.11.269


“ALHIKMAH” in Arabic means “The Wisdom”. Keeping in mind the multitude of meaning the world carries a cluster of like minded, well meaning and responsible citizens with an urge and desire to bring about positive social change formed a society in 1990 by the name of ALHIKMAH FOUNDATION. The foundation was registered in the year 1997 under Societies Registeration Act XXI of 1860. It is a Non-Political, Non- Governmental Organisation. In this short span of time Alhikmah has become a mass movement involving concerned citizens from all walks of life. The World Health Organization describes health as, “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Alhikmah strives to achieve this complete physical, mental and social wellness for one and all. Alhikmah Foundation together with “YOU” is committed to work towards a society where every individual has access to his wholesome well being. For Alhikmah Foundation, serving the mankind irrespective of caste, creed, colour or religion, is an ineffable experience. In its crusade against social backwardness and apathy, Alhikmah Foundation has contributed its bit by establishing many Charitable Dispensaries, Poly clinics, libraries and relief centres for poor and destitute. Its sphere of activities also consists of collection and dissemination of useful information on socially relevant themes.


To provide opportunities and facilities to education thirsty and seekers of knowledge the Alhikmah Foundation, since its inception established a library with a reading room facility under a caption name of Alhikmah Education Point.

Health care

Health Centres of the Foundation serve as a Complete Awareness Health Centre and Counselling for quitting smoking, drug addiction, HIV infection awareness, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, Life Style diseases etc.

General Welfare

Alhikmah Foundation has been organizing seminars & conferences on the issues of social & educational importance. It also distributes Sewing Machines, Wheel chairs, blankets and scholarships etc to the needy sections of the society and also been providing them the required training to earn their livelihood.


The objectives of the Alhikmah Foundation are based on three pillars: Promotion of Education, Health and General Welfare. The main objectives of the Foundation are:

  • To establish Charitable Diagnostic Centres/ Hospitals/ Dispensaries to provide aid to the poor and create awareness on hygiene, life style, drug addiction and environment etc;
  • To aid or establish institutions or adopt means for the promotion of any art, science or any other field of education; to encourage students for higher education; to establish and maintain libraries for the use by the general public;
  • To assist/ promote family welfare programmes;
  • To promote respect, tolerance and amity among people irrespective of caste, colour or religion;
  • To organize necessary relief measures for the victims of natural calamities and to mobilize resources for their rehabilitation and social upliftment.
  • To organize Seminars/ Symposia/ Conferences/ Workshops/ Corner Meetings on different social issues.
  • To collaborate/ coordinate with WHO/ Government/ Voluntary Organizations for the attainment of the Foundation’s stated objectives.


Alhikmah, with combined efforts of its members, Patrons and well wishers is currently working in various kinds of projects and social works in order to achieve its objectives. Some of its activities are mentioned below:

  • Reference Library-cum-Reading room facility
  • Organizing free medical health camps on regular basis
  • Establishing Charitable Health dispensaries
  • Assistance in Marriages of the poor
  • Supporting meritorious but needy students
  • Rehabilitation and relief works
  • Organizing Knowledge dissemination and Awareness programmes
  • Research and Compilation work
  • English Language Coaching
  • B.Ed, E.T.E. and DIET entrance coaching
  • Running registered schools
  • Collaboration with other NGOs
  • Polio and Hepatitis B vaccination Camps and Programmes
  • Informative Lecture series
  • Career counselling and Guidance
  • Placement Assistance
  • General Welfare Programmes

No one has ever become poor by giving

“If we are not yet ready to take the responsibility of poor, needy and downtrodden members of our society, then we are not doing justice to them.”

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Welcome to Alhikmah Foundation A Registered Society for Promotion of Health, Education and General Welfare

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Chairman Speak

Dr.Ziauddin Ahmad

It is generally believed that nation building is the exclusive domain of the government with its vast resources and the mandate given to it by the public to do so. But the fact remains that nation building is a huge task and every citizen is a stake holder in this process who is supposed to contribute in whatever small way he can. His involvement is essential to the building of nation. However, to achieve that, peace and stability are a prerequisite which further require justice and equality.