( Founder of Alhikmah Foundation )

I take this opportunity to share with you the fact that Alhikmah Foundation, since its inception in 1990, through selfless service, has been laying a helpful hand in the resolution of fundamental societal issues. The imperative questions that concern all of us are: education, health, livelihood and moral/ethical values. All of us are well aware of the fact that the government, from time to time, has launched various welfare schemes. However, it is also a fact that without the public cooperation and active support of the NGO’s these societal issues do not get addresses as they should be.

I firmly believe that the pre-requisites of a just social order are: sincere efforts at the individual level have to be made to acquire education, maintain good health, earn a decent livelihood and inculcate fine moral/ethical values. More importantly, instead of crying for our rights everyone must come forward to share his/her responsibilities. However, in pursuit of these lofty goals, we should not lose sight of our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Rather they should be accorded highest priority. In my opinion the solutions lies in a fair and judicious redressal of these major issues, that in turn, is the key to national development in the true sense of the word.

It gives me immense pleasure to tell you that in the year 1990 Alhikmah Foundation had decided to come forward and play a leading role in transforming our beloved motherland as an ideal state in terms of peace, prosperity, social security and moral/ethical values. Let me admit it is no mean a task. It calls for highest magnitude of dedication, devotion, commitment and whole lot of sacrifice.

You will be glad to know for the past two decades we at Alhikmah Foundation are engaged in the noble cause of nation building. In an effort to transform our country into a model nation, Alhikmah Foundation is running a close to a dozen charitable dispensaries. The number of patients benefited from these clinics is increasing every year which amounts to 93634 in the year 2008-2009. Considering our size it is a remarkable achievement. Besides, the Foundation, under its social awareness, is also providing counseling services in the field of drug abuse, mental stress, diabetes, blood pressure, tobacco use etc. Another component of the social awareness program is lectures and producing literature on vibrant social issues.

Let me inform you that after health the next important area of Foundation’s concern is education. I am delighted to tell you that to cater to the downtrodden section of the society the Foundation is successfully running a network of libraries and coaching centers wherein students are provided with free study material and coaching for various competitive exams. The Foundation also gives out scholarships to the poor and the needy. Consequently, a large number of students have successfully beaten various competitions. As far as the question of livelihood is concerned the Foundation has been playing a vital role by providing guidance in making informed choices of jobs.

It is a fact that a major section of the mankind wishes to acquaint with Divine teachings to solve practical day-to-day issues, therefore, to satiate their need the Foundation has also embarked upon the mission of compiling Divine instructions. Hence, till date, the Foundation has brought out many books/booklets and literature that guide human beings in Natural Laws. ‘Ilm Ka Qurani Tasavvur (Quranic Concept of Knowledge) was released in 2006. The Foundation is also preparing a comprehensive book on the philosophy of Peace as preached by different religions of the world. Apart from performing these above-mentioned virtuous tasks the Foundation also organizes national seminars annually. In these seminars a socially relevant theme is explored from various angles to arrive at a unanimous conclusion.