A book on “Knowledge” based on Holy Qur’an was compiled by Alhikmah Foundation and was released in 2006. The work on the second part of the same comprising the sayings of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) about Education & Knowledge is being revised and will be published soon.

The Foundation always strive to promote and maintain peace in the society and in this regard make all efforts to sustain it. Keeping in view the importance of peace in the society, the Foundation compiled a booklet on peace “Peace: Quranic Concepts and Prophetic Teachings”. In this booklet some Quranic Verses related to peace were selected from Holy Quran and some sayings of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). The English translation of the verses and sayings has also been provided for its larger benefit. A comprehensive book on this topic is under process and will be published soon. The Foundation is also regularly brining out a Souvenir on the themes of its Seminars, Conferences, Symposiums, Workshops etc. on yearly
basis. These souvenirs contains good articles penned by the eminent writers and public figures.

A book titled “Quran ka Paigham-e-aman” was compiled by Alhikmah Foundation and was released on the 21st Annual Function on 18th December 2011. The book is a compilation of translations of Quranic Verses in six chapters.
In the first two chapters, discussions on the concept of peace are explained. The third one defines the importance of peace according to Quran & methods for achieving it is the subject matter of Fourth chapter. While chapter Five gives the knowledge of hurdles in the path of peace. We can make every possible effort to create a peaceful society with the cooperation of the sermons from the Quran in chapter six. The books beauty is its bilingual nature which invites both Muslims & Hindus towards itself. Its another version in Arabic & English Language will also be published soon