Public Seminar on Charity and Social Well-being
Held on 7th May 2000, at
Indian Medical Association (IMA) Auditorium, ITO, New Delhi

Speaking on the occasion Dr. A. K. Walia, Minister of Health, Government of NCT of Delhi said that Charity is not only a Social responsibility but also a religious duty and social well being is not possible unless all the people contribute their might along with the Governments efforts. When general public comes together in the shape of Non Government Organization, then only, a happy and smiling society comes into existence. He also appreciated the contribution of Alhikmah Foundation towards social well being.

Kunwar Akhilesh Singh, Hon’ble Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) while appreciating the role being played by the Alhikmah Foundation in the field of Social Well-Being appealed the youth of the society to come forward and extend their cooperation in the pious work of social well being and take part in its efforts. Besides, other speakers three religious scholars expressed their views on the basis of principles, basic tenets of Vedas, Bible and Holy Qur’an on the need of social well-being.

All the speakers agreed that the topic of the seminar was in tune with the times.
While proposing vote of thanks to the President, Chief Guest and other speakers, the Chairman of the Foundation Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad expressed that Charity is not reserved for the affluent group of society alone but whosoever does good for those in need performs an act of charity without claiming credit for it. The programme was well appreciated by the public.

The print and electronic media also gave adequate coverage to this program of the Alhikmah Foundation.